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We’ll like to say Congratulation to Nhia Sher Thao, our next President for the year 2014-2015. We have confident in him that he will take our organization to the next step. We’re all will support him in anyway we can.

For all HAI members who shown up at the election to voiced and voted, thank you for coming and thank you for your support. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at HAI future activities/gathering.

HAI Board Members


Letter from HAI President

Dear Friends,

 My name is Ger Thao aka Nhia Sher, President of Hmong Association Inc. proudly welcomes all of you, who take the time to visit our website.  This organization has been established since 2002, for the sole purpose of preserving our Hmong family pride, culture, history, and strengthen the future of our younger generation.

 As many of you know, after the Secret War in Laos ended in 1975, many refugees have settled in the Natural State of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  Most of those families have moved to other states to join with close relatives and for other reasons.  Starting in the 21st Century, early 2000’s many Hmong families have moved back to the tri-states area.  Many factors have caused these families to move back.  Weather is one thing but most importantly are poultry, ranching, small hobby farm, and gardening for farmers market.

Thank you for visiting our website, We, the Board of Directors hope to see you all in person during our Memorial and New Year celebration, which will be held later this coming year.


Nhia Sher Thao